Tender Management

Proven to be extremely valuable when selecting a builder to work with, this package walks you through developing a detailed scope of works and gaining a fixed price building quote. This scope of works is paramount to ensuring your project is built to specification, completed on time, and on budget.

The flexibility of our model and the adaptability of our packages means that, if you have DA approved or Certificated Complying Development (CDC) plans you can engage us and take advantage of our Tender Management Package. Please note that client supplied plans and documentation must be assessed as satisfactory to qualify for this package.

Our Tender Management Package fees are fixed and based on the budget estimate for the cost of construction. The project budget estimated noted by AUBC is an opinion of probable costs only and is in no way intended to be taken as the actual cost of construction. The tender package fees are based on single residential projects only. Medium density, multi-residential and commercial developments will be quoted individually based on the specifics of the project.

Package Inclusions

  • Attend an initial site visit to appraise and photograph the site and discuss project requirements in detail
  • Translate plans, consultant’s documentation and associated Council information
  • Prepare detailed scope of works and provisional allowance schedule (inclusive of PA & Prime cost sums) for initial review
  • Make changes to scope, as required post client review until completely satisfied
  • Collate and prepare the tendering documents:
    • DA plans
    • DA conditions
    • Scope of works & provisional allowance schedule & specifications
    • Photographs
    • Structural & hydraulic engineering
    • BASIX
    • Surveys
    • Consultant specific reports
  • Upload the tender package to a cloud based, secure FTP site for the tendering builders to access
  • Evaluate with senior management each tender response and recheck all tendering builders’ licenses and insurances
  • Collate the tender responses into our presentation document format
  • Conduct the tender presentation outlining:
    • Tender prices
    • Proposed contractual period
    • ASIC checks
    • License checks
    • Australasian Legal Information Institute checks
  • Prepare contractual documents, using the Department of Fair Trading building contract and all other relevant documents if required

*The Tender Management fee packages do not include the cost of acquiring a Construction Certificate, engaging a Certifying Authority or the cost of any specialist consultants services which may be required as a condition of your DA Consent. Satisfactory documentation is required for this Tender Package, insufficient information may result in increased costs for client provided documents.