Development Application (DA)
/ Complying Development Certification (CDC)
The Construction Certificate Process (CC)

Our team have extensive knowledge of Council requirements. They stay abreast of ever changing legislation to ensure that your project is designed within the guidelines, and with the view to gaining approval for your Development Application (DA) / Complying Development Certificate (CDC).

Once your architectural design is complete and signed off, we submit your DA or CDC package in accordance with the relevant checklists to Council or the Private Certifying Authority (PCA).

Development Application Management & Approvals

The approval process is time consuming, best results are gained from continued contact with the council planner or private certifier. Your Client Information Coordinator follows the progress of your DA or CDC through to gaining approval. All information, instruction or request from Council or PCA is discussed with you, addressed and handled by us, freeing up your valuable time and making the application process hassle free.

Each approved DA from Council will have its own set of conditions in addition to a set of standard requirements. For example you will require the services of a Structural Engineer, however you may also require a Geotechnical Engineer specific to the conditions of your site. You will also need to update your plans to construction certificate drawings to include specific compliance and instruction referencing the Building Code of Australia requirements. There will also be a number of fees to be paid to Council and other governing bodies. Our DA Report identifies all of the items which needs to be adhered to and we can manage the timing and coordination if you choose to work with our Private Certification services.

Complying Development Certificate Approval

A CDC (Complying Development Certificate) is essentially a Development Application and Construction Certificate rolled into one. Rising in popularity, the CDC allows residential developments to be fast tracked by eliminating council’s involvement and potential neighbour objections.

Approvals & the Construction Certificate Process

Upon receipt of your DA approval, your Client Information Coordinator prepares a report for you as a complimentary service. Our DA report, extracts from your DA Approval Conditions the items that need to be adhered to before you can commence work on your project. These items will include such things as; any architectural changes deemed necessary by Council, mandatory Council and/or governing body fees, engaging a Certifying Authority and engaging the services of various consultants. The conditions will vary from project to project depending on the particular Council and specifics of your project and property location.

A Construction Certificate is the next step before a builder can commence work. In order to acquire a Construction Certificate (CC), all of the required conditions of your Development Application (DA) approval must be adhered to. Our DA Report forms a check list of these items to work through prior to the final step of engaging a Certifying Authority to obtain your CC.