About AUBC

AUBC is a professional construction project management and property advisory firm. We have successfully managed many projects with cost-effectiveness and progress in Australia and Vietnam. We love what we do which has certainly helped us become one of the leading providers of project management in Australia.

Our resources

Our primary resource is our exceptional talent of technical construction and engineering consultants who provide team-oriented services on an as needed basis. Our employees and our alliances with other key individuals and organizations allow us to support clients in matters involving all divisions of engineering and construction. We believe in demonstrating a “one team” attitude and are led by our team of executives across AUBC’s offices.

Our culture

Since the beginning, AUBC has been governed by its core values instilled through its culture and character of the company. At the heart of AUBC’s culture is our focus on improving our client’s results. Continual improvement is not only something we instill with our clients but is embodied within our employee’s careers and company goals. Our culture is strong and cohesive because consultants spend more time working in AUBC office.