About us

AUBC is a professional construction project management and property advisory firm. We have successfully managed many projects with cost-effectiveness and progress in Australia and Vietnam. We love what we do which has certainly helped us become one of the leading providers of project management in Australia.

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Architectural Design

Our Architectural Design Package fees are fixed and based on the budget estimate for the cost of construction. The project budget estimated…Read More »

Bills/Schedules of Quantities

We are acknowledged as professional consultants in the delivery of reliable and professionally measured bills of quantities, builders quantities and schedules of rates for all building and infrastructure projects…Read More »

Cost Planning

Cost planning is used to monitor and control the estimated construction costs of a project to ensure you get accurate information on expenditure and progress at every stage…Read More »

Construction Project Management

AUBC work with you to gain a clear understanding of the design and construction requirements, timelines and budget…Read More »

Tender Evaluation and Negotiation

We have extensive experience in the evaluation and analysis of tenders for building and infrastructure projects…Read More »

Construction Phase Cost Management

Once a project reaches the construction phase, AUBC provides cost management through assessment and recommendation of monthly progress payments and variations…Read More »

Superintendent's Role

AUBC will provide an independent, proactive and objective Superintendency. We bring an objective, commercial approach to this role…Read More »

Feasibility Report

We provide a Feasibility Report for clients who may be contemplating purchasing a new home, upgrading a rental property or renovating…Read More »

Development Application (DA) / Complying Development Certification (CDC) The Construction Certificate Process (CC)

Our team have extensive knowledge of Council requirements. They stay abreast of ever changing legislation to ensure that your project…Read More »

Tender Management

Proven to be extremely valuable when selecting a builder to work with, this package walks you through developing…Read More »